About Damona

The business was started by Martin Soerensen, of Norway, in 2015, in his home city of Melbourne, Australia. The cheeses were inspired by his passion for healthy gourmet cooking and eating, and less than satisfying visits to the dairy free section at the health food stores. The quickly growing demand for dairy free and vegan cheeses, and realizing he could create better cheeses than what’s already on the market drove him to start Damona.


There’s a continuous challenge to develop and improve the recipes and techniques of manufacturing to improve quality and consistency. As this is an emerging industry it’s difficult to compare to and learn from anyone else, everything is self  taught through trial and error. Which is difficult but very exciting and rewarding when it succeeds.


Martin and his team want to keep working hard and passionately to bring new and amazing dairy free products out to food lovers across Australia and hopefully beyond. We strive to make the best range of the best quality, best tasting dairy free cheese available!

Martin Soerensen


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