Baked Almond Feta

This non-dairy cheese is carefully handmade in Melbourne, using only the best ingredients to create a beautiful and authentic fresh mozzarella flavour.


A wonderful and delicious alternative to dairy cheese that works equally

well on pizzas as in salads.

This non-dairy pepperjack with a kick of chilli is lovingly hand-made in

Melbourne, to provide a beautiful alternative to dairy cheese with all the right flavours.


As good melted on nachos or toasties, as it is served sliced on fresh

bread or crackers, this cheese is versatile and delicious for any occasion.

This deliciously creamy non-dairy Brie is hand made in

Melbourne, perfect on crackers or on a cheese platter.

This gourmet Mozzarella style dairy free cheese is handmade in Melbourne. With sundried tomato, paprika flakes and herbs mixed through, it tastes beautiful on its own, on a cheese platter, or grated and melted on pizza, pasta, lasagna and so on.

This Dairy free almond based feta alternative has been prepared using the best biodynamic almonds, baked carefully and marinated in a beautiful mix of herbs and spices.


Eat as is, on bread, or add to a salad.

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